Completing a form on your computer

Instead of printing off a passport application and filling it in by hand, you can type your information directly into the form and then print it. Doing so has many advantages:

  • It can lower your chance of making mistakes or leaving out required information. Before you print, the form will flag any places where information is missing.

  • It makes sure you have the most current application form. Only the most recent versions are available online with up-to-date instructions.

  • It gives details and/or examples of what information is needed (and in what format).

  • It’s safe and secure. Because you save the electronic form onto your computer, your information is not captured on any government server. Your information is only stored where you have saved the form (i.e. on your own computerFootnote 2).

  • It may speed up your time at a Passport Canada office. When you fill in your form on your computer, the bar code will capture some of the information you enter. The bar code can then be quickly scanned and your information automatically entered into our system at a Passport Canada office.

  • Three easy steps:

    1. Download: All application forms are available in Portable Document Format (PDF), which enables you to download and complete it right on your computer. You must use Adobe Reader 7.0.5 or a more recent version to complete the application form.

    2. Print: Once you’ve completed the application, review it to make sure you have entered the right details and haven’t made any spelling mistakes. Next, hit the ‘Print’ button on the application form. Any errors or fields with missing information will be flagged to you. When your form is complete and you’ve corrected any mistakes, you are ready to print.

    3. Sign and submit: With your application printed, all that’s left to do is sign each page (in the boxes indicated), gather your passport photos and supporting documents, and submit your application to Passport Canada.

      • For general adult and child applications – don’t forget to have your guarantor complete the section provided and sign the back of one of the photos. A guarantor is not required for a renewal application.

More information

2D bar code

When you type in your information, you’ll notice a box of squiggles in the top right hand corner of the first page of the application form changing. This is a unique two-dimensional (2D) barcode that is capturing the information you enter into the form. When you apply for a passport, the Passport Officer can scan the 2D barcode at the counter instead of manually typing your information into the system. This could speed up the time you spend at a Passport Canada office, and reduces the chance of typing errors.

Mac, tablet and smartphone users

You may not be able to fill out the form directly from your Web browser. How to troubleshoot your device.


Footnote 1

Canadians in the following regions must use the same forms and follow the same rules as Canadians in the United States: Bermuda, American Samoa, the Midway Islands, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

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Footnote 2

Just remember that it is your responsibility to safeguard your personal information, so handle it with care and make sure you don't leave a digital copy of your application on someone else's computer.

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