Child safety

Prevent a passport from being issued to a child (under 16)

If a parent or legal guardian is concerned for the safety of a child (under 16 years old), or fears that an unauthorized passport application may be made on behalf of a child, the child's information may be added to the Passport Canada System Lookout List. This entry will alert staff that further attention is required when processing the child's application, to ensure all legal documents are viewed, that there are no restrictions on the child's mobility or other information that would prevent a Canadian passport being issued in the name of the child.

To add a child's name to the System Lookout List, contact Passport Canada or a Government of Canada office abroad. You must provide the full names and birth dates of both parents and the child, as well as copies of any custody-related legal documents. The documentation must be received by Passport Canada within 90 days of your initial request to ensure the child's name remains on the System Lookout List.